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I have been interested in Napoleonic naval history ever since reading the first of Paul Hague's naval wargaming books back in about 1980. It is only from the early 90's that I found Langton Miniatures superb model ships and decided to have a go. Skytrex also do a range of ships but they are not as detailed as the Langton miniatures range (cost less though)

Langton Miniatures do a good set of rules, but they are far too complex for me. The two I was most influenced by was Action Under Sail, and the sets in the Paul Hague books. I used to use a set of home grown rules based on these ideas.

Having said that I have actually based these rules on the "Silent Death" space combat rules, probably the finest and most versatile rules concept I have ever seen. Basically by using dice of different denominations it is possible to have a highly variable "To Hit" and "Damage" calculation by just throwing 3 dice. Brilliant, and easily transportable to many other periods.

August 2002 update - I haven't used these rules too often and they have been a little neglected. I added all the ship record cards last month, and have now added an explanation page at the end of the rules covering how the ship record cards work. I suspect there are still a few areas that are not very clear. I shall reread and clarify where I spot them. If you spot any inconsistencies let me know.

Here are my "Wars Of Nelson" naval rules.

112 & 100 gun ship record card

80 gun & large 74 gun ship record card

small 74 & 64 gun ship record card

40 gun and 38 gun ship record card

18pdr 36 gun and 12pdr 36 gun ship record card

18pdr 32 gun and 12pdr 32 gun ship record card

28 gun ship record card

You may also like to take a look at my new page of pictures of my Langton Miniatures Napoleonic ships


Anything written by Alexander Kent, I have his entire series and love them. In my humble opinion, the best of the genre.
Paul Hague and his 2 Naval Wargaming books, both totally excellent.
Bradford, E - Nelson The Essential Hero
Fabb, John - Uniforms Of Trafalgar (Osprey)
Hedges, A - Admiral Lord Nelson (Pamphlet)
Henderson, J - The Frigates
Lavery,Brian - The Ship Of The Line
Lyon, D - Sea Battles In Close Up - The Age Of Nelson
Pope, D - England Expects (Trafalgar History)
Price, A - The Eyes Of The Fleet (Frigate History)
Warner, Oliver - Trafalgar


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