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NEW - I have finally done the ship record cards for UK and Germany, and a photo page

I have always been fascinated by Naval wars, and wargames rules that represent them, you will certainly find several on this website. One of my favourite periods is the Battleship Heyday, from the turn of the century to the First World War. This covers Dreadnoughts and Predreadnoughts, armoured cruisers etc. The torpedo and the submarine were in their infancy and not as great a threat to a moving fleet as was believed at the time. Aircraft were rare and only used for rudimentary scouting at this time.

I have read several classical naval rules sets, but the books I would recommend to ANYONE interested in naval wargaming of any period at all are those by Paul Hague, the one I own "Naval Wargaming" is his most recent book, that follows up from a volume he wrote 20 years ago. BOTH of these are by far the best naval wargaming books that have ever been written.

I was playing a variant of Paul's rules, when I devised these and have been trying these out a little. Believe it or not they are largely based on the SilentDeath space fighter combat system by ICE. A superb system which I have adapted to other time frames on a number of occasions with varying success. I again highly recommend these rules to any wargamer, not just Space fighter combat.

I am thinking of a WW1 set of air combat rules, they would actually be my first "Fighter" rules, and I am sure would be modeled on the mechanisms within Silent Death.



I had a choice of 3 figure ranges as I remember. The best by far was the great war range of Micronauts from GHQ. Superb models whose only failings are the extortionate price, and the size of board you would need to use them!

There's a tiny range from Hallmark which are excellent models for their size, and very reasonably priced, but just a little too small for me. (1/6000th I think?)

Then there's the Skytrex range I eventually bought. I'll have to admit I am not that taken on the quality of the models myself, but they are reasonably priced, and they are just the right size (1,3000th I think?)


I am sure you can hardly wait to see my dreadnought rules? No well they are here anyway!
Dreadnought Rules
British ship templates for WWI Changed significantly again in August 2002
German ship templates for WWI

And my latest page, photographs of my Skytrex 1:3000th British fleet


Brown, D K - Warrior To Dreadnought
Conway - All the World's Fighting Ships 1906 - 1921
Conway - Steam, Steel and Shellfire
Grove, E - Big Fleet Actions
Ireland, B - Jane's Battleships Of The 20th Century
Janes, F - Janes Fighting Ships Of W W I
Purnell - Warships Of The First World War

(Note - I don't keep this list up to date, go to my Bibliography page to see current recommendations)



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